Dillon’s Notifies NABB of Plans To Expand Boylston Street Restaurant

Representatives for Dillon’s were on hand for the Jan. 8 virtual meeting of the Neighborhood of the Back Bay Licensing and Building Use Committee to outline their plans to expand the space occupied by the Boylston Street restaurant.

​Lesley Delaney Hawkins, an attorney for the applicant, said the restaurant, which spans several levels at 955 Boylston St., intends to expand into the building’s lower level formerly occupied by Boston Architectural College, which has elected to not renew its lease for the space. (Dillon’s owns the building, said Hawkins.)

​The new, additional space would span around 2,200 square feet and have 120 seats scattered among tables and the bar area, said Hawkins, which would bring the occupancy from the current 260 on the upper levels to a total of 384. The planned expansion would also include the installation of an internal elevator to bring the building into ADA compliance, she added, along with the addition of five, new, lower-level washrooms.

​Dillon’s also intends to expand its existing live entertainment license, which also allows for a deejay, to also cover the lower level, said Hawkins, as well as petition the city to change its existing liquor license, which mandates that all alcohol orders must be accompanied by food and currently prohibits alcohol service on Sundays, to “bring the license to where the law is now.”

​Hawkins added, “We’re not trying to change the concept. It’s just an expansion. There will be no changes to the way we operate, whether it’s inside or outside.”

​Conrad Armstrong, committee chair, advised the applicant that he would notify them of NABB’s determination (i.e. whether to oppose or not to oppose the application with the city) in the near future.

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