TITLE Boxing Club Set to Open on Newbury Street

By Cary Shuman

A new boxing fitness club slated to open next month is already creating excitement in the Back Bay.

TITLE Boxing Club will welcome in fitness enthusiasts beginning July 11 at 338 Newbury St., Boston. Title Boxing has made a big splash in Massachusetts with several locations including one at North Station. There are TITLE Boxing Clubs in 35 states and two countries.

“We focus on fitness not fighting,” said Cam Andrews, Chief Operating Officer for TITLE. “While boxing is utilized for workout purposes,  it is still true to form.  Danny Campbell, an Angelo Dundee-trained pro boxer, founded our company. Our philosophy is based on the way Danny trained during his career. We take our pro fighter training, put it in a fitness setting and give it to the masses.”

Andrews, a former Division 1 basketball player, said that strength and conditioning training is also available at the club, but “we’re a no-contact gym – no sparring.”

As the former national trainer for TBC International, Andrews developed the training regimen for the clubs. Beyond working out on the heavy bags or one-on-one in the boxing ring with a trainer, there are other offerings at the club.

“We have a full weight and cardio section including an elliptical,  treadmills, free weights, and other equipment. There is always a trainer present – which is one of the benefits at TITLE Boxing Club – we have certified personal trainers as well as boxing and kickboxing trainers.”

Andrews said the average boxing class is one hour, preceded by a 15-minute warm-up with stretching, shadow boxing, and cardio drills. “We’ll get you warmed up and get your heart rate up for the 30 minutes of bag work on the heavy bags. There are eight, three-minute rounds of boxing or kickboxing with one minute of active rest in between, followed by 15 minutes of core work – abs, obliques, and lower back strengthening.”

One-on-one, small-group, and large-group personal training sessions are also available. TITLE Boxing Club also offers private lessons by reservation.

Is boxing fitness training the new big thing in Boston?

“You look around the city and you see your standard big-box gyms but you’ll see a new trend of smaller places – whether it’s yoga, spin, pilates, barre, – gaining round. TITLE Boxing Club will always stand out amongst the rest. One thing you don’t don’t see is out-of-shape fighters. The reason for the popularity of TITLE Boxing Club is that people want to see results quickly. That’s what we can deliver.

“If you want to build a new regiment, and you want something that’s fast, fun and effective – if you’re not the kind of person who can go to a gym and do your own workout – then TITLE Boing Club may be the place for you. Not everyone is self motivated, not everybody can hold themselves accountable. That’s what we give you here. All you have to do is show up. We’ll take ownership of your fitness.”

Elise Brogan, Marketing Director, and Cam Andrews, Chief Operating Officer, at the new TITLE Boxing Club located at 338 Newbury St., Boston.

Elise Brogan, Marketing Director, and Cam Andrews, Chief Operating Officer, at the new TITLE Boxing Club located at 338 Newbury St., Boston.

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