Police Briefs 04-19-2018


Unwanted guest

On Monday, April 9, at about 11 p.m., police responded to 24 Clearway St. for a possible domestic violence incident.

On arrival, officers met with the caller who said she called 911 after hearing what sounded like a fight, the banging of a blunt object and some gurgling.

Police knocked on the door of the residence in question and announced their presence several times, only to hear rattling and someone on the other side mumble that they couldn’t open the door. At this time, police, concerned for the safety of the person(s) inside, made a forced entry into the residence.

Inside the apartment, police observed that that it was empty of inhabitants and furniture. They then heard footsteps going down the rear stairs, followed by the sound of the exit door leading to the alley slamming shut.

Officer gave chase and located the female suspect as she walked away from the building. When police stopped her, she said her friend, who wasn’t present, had allowed her into the apartment.

The suspect was subsequently charged with trespassing and transported to District 4 headquarters for booking.


Money grab

On Wednesday, April 11, at approximately 11 a.m., police responded to a robbery call at Albany Street and Massachusetts Avenue.

Upon arrival, officer spoke to the victim, who said he was the victim of a robbery and assault.

The victim said three male suspects approached him at the intersection of Albany Street and Massachusetts Avenue and asked him for change for $10. The suspect then hit him in the face and threw coffee at him before robbing him of $60 cash. The suspect then fled outbound on Albany Street.

Paramedics responded to the scene and treated the victim, although he declined transportation to the hospital at that time.

Police searched the vicinity for the suspects to no avail.

District 4 sees 8-percent drop in violent and property crime to date in ‘18

By Dan Murphy

District 4 has seen an 8-percent drop in violent and property crime to date in 2018 from the previous year.

According to Boston Police, 806 incidents of Part One crime were reported between Jan. 1 and April 8, in the district, which includes the Back Bay, South End, Lower Roxbury and the Fenway, as opposed to 876 during the same timeframe in 2017.

One homicide was reported this year as opposed to none in 2017, while rapes and attempted rapes saw an approximate 36-percent drop as the number of incidents fell to seven from 11 in 2017.

Robberies and attempted robberies were down 40 percent as the number of incidents dropped to 33 from 55 last year.

The rate of domestic aggravated assaults remained the same, with 14 incidents both this year and last.

Non-domestic aggravated assaults, on the other hand, saw about a 62-percent uptick as the number of incidents climbed to 63 from 39 in 2017.

In contrast, commercial burglaries were down around 62 percent as the number of incidents fell to seven from 15 the previous year.

Residential burglaries dropped nearly 14 percent as the number of incidents fell to 44 from 51 in 2017.

Other burglaries were down nearly 38 percent as the number of incidents dropped to five from eight the previous year.

Larcenies from motor vehicles down almost 24 percent as the number of incidents fell to 116 from 152 in 2018.

Other larcenies were down slightly as the number of incidents dropped to 497 from 501 the previous year.

Auto Thefts saw a nearly 37-percent decrease as the number of incidents fell to 19 from 30 in 2017.

Citywide, Part One crime has seen a 8-perecnt decrease overall this year as the total number fell to 4,175 from 4,560 in 2017.

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