New Meaning to #MeToo Movement

On Jan. 28, at around 9 p.m., police were called to the scene at Slade’s Bar & Grill located at 958 Tremont St. for a fight that broke out in front of the event space involving over 10 people. When police arrived, it appeared that a group of about 12 to 15 woman were surrounding a lone male in confrontation.

At a Violation Licensing meeting on Tuesday, May 8, the manager of the bar and restaurant said the incident was “weird.”

The event occurred as a private celebration that was coming to an end on a Sunday evening. The manager said the guy, who later said he was in the Navy, approached the large group of girls during the party, but after being ignored and not getting the response he expected, he started to get irate.

As soon as the manager realized something was not right, he escorted the male out and asked him to not return.

The group of woman followed him outside and swarmed around him in anger.

When the police arrived, they broke up the two opposing groups. None of the women would give their names or testify against the male, giving no evidence if there was an assault. The police officer said no physical injuries could be seen.

The police escorted the male from Rhode Island back to South Station so that he could take the train back home. But the manager said even after he was taken to South Station, he returned to the restaurant later in the evening.

“He does not take rejection well,” said Chair Christine Pulgini.

Police Officers were not aware that the male returned to Slade’s Bar & Grill after he was dropped off at South Station.

The board decides Thursday whether this incident merits any punishment to the bar.

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