From the Oct. 30 Zoning Board of Appeals hearing, City Hall:

  • Groundwater Overlay: 215 West Canton St. (South End), Applicant: Susan Blinn

Replace patio drain to prevent water backup into home. Remove patio block and dig down to expose drain. Licensed plumber to replace drain pipe. New 46” high block retaining wall and paver stones to be installed. Perimeter footprint of the patio remains the same.

  • 155 Warren Ave. (South End), Applicant: Scott Peltier

Enlarge existing roof hatch, rebuild interior staircase to roof hatch, renovate existing roof deck per approvals from South End Landmarks Commission. Section 8th 780CMR 1009.13 Stairways. Stairways to Roof: 1009.13 Stairway to roof. In buildings four or more stories above grade plane, one stairway shall extend to the roof surface, unless the roof has a slope steeper than four units vertical in 12 units horizontal (33-percent slope). 1009.13.1 Roof access. Where stairway is provided to a roof, access to the roof shall be provided through a penthouse complying with Section 1509.2.

  • 235 Northampton St., Applicant: Hezekiah Pratt

Extend first floor living space into basement with new bedrooms and bath. Renovate basement with new walls, flooring, ceiling, concrete slab, plumbing, HVAC, and electrical work. Work as per plans.

  • 36 Dwight St., Applicant: Alpine Advisory Services

Construct Rear decks and Roof Deck Per Plan to Amend issued permit.

  • 200-202 Ipswich St., Applicant: 1241 Boylston, LLC

Erect a 184-room hotel with a ground floor restaurant. Project will include approximately 105,000 sq. ft. of building area and will be eight (8) stories with maximum height of 90 feet. There will be approximately 82 parking spaces in one below-grade level. Existing building to be removed by other permit.

  • 275A-275 Shawmut Ave., Applicant: Socrates Abreu

Remove proviso for “take out for this petitioner only.” No work to be done.

  • 111-115 Newbury St., Applicant: Peter Kalutkiewicz

Change of occupancy to include Body Art/Permanent Cosmetics.

  • 294 Newbury St., Applicant: Nao Rouhana

Change the legal occupancy from seven apartments, beauty salon, two stores and a yogurt store to seven apartments, beauty salon, two stores and Japanese restaurant. Remove proviso granting relief to this petitioner only.


From the Oct. 31 License Board meeting, City Hall:

    Holder of a Common Victualler 7 Day All Alcoholic Beverages License has petitioned to transfer the license and location from the above – To: MHF Devonshire V, LLC d/b/a Hyatt Centric Boston at 54 Devonshire Street Boston, MA 02109; 13 floors and a sub-basement with 5 entrances and exits. 9 rooms on the 1st floor, 30 rooms on the 2nd through 10th, 28 floors on the 11th through 13th, and 25 in the sub-basement. Total sq ft = 89,600, 6,400 sq ft per floor. Matthew S. Alemany, Manager. 2:00 AM Closing Hour. Secondly, has petitioned to change the license type – From: Common Victualler All Alcohol License  To: Innholder All Alcohol License. Lastly, has petitioned for a management agreement between MHF Devonshire V, LLC and Devonshire Restaurant Group, LLC.


A City Council hearing will be held on Nov. 2 at 12:30 p.m. in City Hall on elder scamming, Iannella Chamber.


From the Nov. 6 South End Landmarks meeting, 5:30 p.m., City Hall:


  • 415 Massachusetts Ave.Proposed Work: Ratification of unapproved exhaust pipes and labels installed on the side of front stoop
  • 205 West Newton St. #3 Proposed Work: Ratification of unapproved installation of white vinyl windows at dormer level.


  • 200 West Brookline St. #3 Proposed Work: At front façade level two, replace 2 original two over two, wood curved sash windows and 1 original, wood, two over two window with JB Proper Bostonian two over two wood windows (1 straight sash, 2 curved).
  • 11A Taylor St. Proposed Work: (Continued from 10/02/18 Hearing) At front façade, relocate recessed front door to the bottom of the front stairs.
  • Shawmut Avenue Proposed Work: (Continued from 8/07/18 Hearing) At rear façade levels one and three remove 1 window from each floor and replace with a patio door.
  • 29 Rutland Sq. Proposed Work: At front façade levels G,1,2,3 replace 8 original (6 curved, 4 straight sash) wood, two over two windows and 2 non-original (Fl. G & 1) two over two, wood windows with wood, two over two windows (8 curved and 2 straight sash).
  • 74 Appleton St. Proposed Work: At side el facing a public way, dismantle existing roof deck and install new roof deck in the same footprint with a black metal rail.
  • 439 Tremont St. Proposed Work: At commercial storefront, replace existing awning fabric and blade sign design using existing hardware.
  • 60 West Rutland Sq. Proposed Work: At front yard install new iron fence around existing garden fence.
  • 17 Cazenove St. Proposed Work: Demolish existing roof deck and construct new deck.
  • 2 Ringgold St. Proposed Work: Replace front bead board door and door frame with wood panel door and side lights. Install new wrought iron fence. Install new range hood exhaust flue. (See additional work in admin review section).
  • 554 Massachusetts Ave. Proposed Work: At front façade garden level, restore windows to original size. At rear yard facing a public way, replace wood picket fence, at rear el repair roof deck with wood rail. (See additional work in admin review section).

SE Intersection of Columbus and West Springfield St. Proposed Work: At the southeasterly Corner of the referenced intersection, replace the existing DAS node with a new DAS node.

  • 1401 Washington St. Proposed Work: At front façade, install new commercial signage.
  • 603 Tremont St. Proposed Work: At Tremont Street Storefront sign band install store signage.
  • 26 Chandler St. Proposed Work: At Chandler Street storefront, replace main entry (non-original) metal double doors with revolving door. At all levels above the commercial storefront, replace metal 1 over 1, aluminum windows in kind.
  • Multiple Locations Proposed Work: At various locations; remove existing standard light pole and replace with six sided metal pole with integrated cell antenna.
  • 1400 Washington St. Proposed Work: At front façade, replace existing pavers in entry court. At rear façade install new cooling tower, at all facades replace existing metal hand rails. At all facades, replace supplemental exterior lighting.
  • 103 Appleton St. Proposed Work: At front façade parlor level, replace 2 curved sash two over two wood windows with 2 curved sash two over two wood windows.
  • 22 Milford St. Proposed Work: At front façade floors two and three, replace 6 two over two, wood windows in kind.
  • 8 Rutland Sq. Proposed Work: Construct Roof deck.
  • 431 Shawmut Ave. #3 Proposed Work: At front façade floors level 1, replace 2, two over two, original, wood, curved sash windows with two over two, wood, curved sash windows.
  • 2 Worcester Sq. Proposed Work: Replace original front double door with new wood door.
  • 79 Rutland St. Proposed Work: At front façade dormer level, replace two wood two over two windows with two wood two over two windows. Install mechanical equipment penthouse on roof. (See additional work in admin review section).


71 Appleton St.; 3 Casenove St.; 298A Columbus Ave.; 474 Columbus Ave.; 21 Lawrence St.; 532 Massachusetts Ave.; 541 Massachusetts Ave.; 554 Massachusetts Ave.; 562 Massachusetts Ave.; 1 Ringgold St.; 2 Ringgold St.; 19 Rutland Sq.; 79 Rutland St.; 253 Shawmut Ave.; 255 Shawmut Ave.; 5 Taylor St.; 41 Warren Ave.; 161 W. Brookline St.; 209 W. Canton St.; 232 W. Canton St. #3; and 232 W. Canton St.


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