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Sleeping on the job

On Monday, Feb. 24, at about 7:20 a.m., police responded to a radio call for a breaking and entering in process at 120 Huntington Ave.
On arrival, a Colonnade Hotel security guard and engineer flagged down officers as they were standing over a suspect who appeared to be asleep in front of the crime scene, which included a grate that had been bent back, along with a bag of numerous alleged burglarious tools. Police also observed bolt cutters and a hammer on the ground beside the suspect.
Once awake, the suspect told police he was under the influence of drugs, and officers found one bag of a white substance and another bag of a brown substance on his person.
Police seized the alleged drugs and burglarious tools as evidence and charged the suspect with a felony charge of breaking and entering during the daytime, possession of a burglarious instrument, possession of a Class A substance and possession of a Class B substance.

Good deed gone punished
On Monday, Feb. 24, at about 5:30 p.m., police responded to 7 Melnea Cass Blvd. for a reported purse snatching.
Upon officers’ arrival, they were approached by the victim, who said she wanted be a good Samaritan so she picked up a man to drive him to Boston Medical Center. At this time, the victim said the suspect began behaving strangely before running off when the vehicle was stopped with her purse, which contained $100 cash, a Visa credit card and a Bank of America credit card.
While police were interviewing the victim, the suspect was located at Alltown Gas Station at 85 Southampton St. Police responded to that location where they observed an unconscious man, who once awake, admitted he had stolen the victim’s purse. EMTs were summon to the scene and transported the victim to Boston Medical Station for future evaluation.
The purse was returned to the victim, although their money was missing, and the suspect will be summonsed to Roxbury District Court on larceny charges.

Bag of tricks

On Monday, Feb. 24, at approximately 5:45 p.m., officers responded to a radio call for a larceny in progress at Zara at 212 Newbury St.
While en route, police were notified that two suspects had shoplifted a large amount of merchandise from the store before fleeing the scene in a black Dodge Ram pickup truck driven by a third suspect.
Officers then observed the suspects’ truck at the intersection of Newbury and Gloucester streets, where they initiated a vehicle stop. During the stop, police observed a bagful of suspected stolen merchandise in the back seat, which they seized to return to the store.
The suspects were all subsequently charged with shoplifting, and City-Side Towing towed the suspects’ vehicle from the scene.

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