Back To School in the South End

Back to School at the Hurley K-8 – remote style: Kids didn’t flock to the schoolyard, nor did they file into the classrooms on Monday morning at the Hurley K-8 School and other public schools across the city. Instead, kids logged on to their computers for Zoom classes, and teachers either stationed themselves at home to teach or came to their empty classrooms to kick off the new school term. It was a quiet and unique kick off to the school year. If all goes well with COVID-19 data, the most vulnerable students could report to school by Oct. 1, with other students coming in a hybrid, in-person option in November. Here, Hurley teachers Mariana Sanchez (K2) and Leah Kaye (5th grade) welcome students back to school virtually. Meanwhile, Hurley Second Grade teachers Mrs. Abbott and Mrs. Bourbeau donned masks and taught from their classroom to remote students.

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