BIDFA Welcomes Mayra I. Negrón-Roche to Board of Directors

The Boston Industrial Development Financing Authority (BIDFA) on Wednesday announced the appointment of Mayra I. Negrón-Roche, Chief Operating Officer of the South End’s Inquilinos Boricuas en Acción (IBA) to its Board of Directors. BIDFA promotes economic growth and employment in the City of Boston by issuing bonds that finance the capital needs of Boston’s businesses and institutions.The Board of Directors is made up of Boston residents with professional expertise in real estate development, finance and more.
“I would like to congratulate Mayra Negrón-Roche on her appointment to the BIDFA Board of Directors,” said Bill Nickerson, Executive Director of BIDFA. “We are excited to have Mayra join our Board. Adding her knowledge and experience will help to ensure that the leadership provided by the BIDFA Board of Directors is well informed of the issues and challenges facing Boston’s diverse communities.”

IBA is a non-profit community development corporation that was established to prevent displacement by building affordable housing and offering programming to increase economic and social mobility among low-income urban families. Mayra, a resident of Roslindale, became IBA’s Chief Financial Officer in 2004. In the ensuing years, Mayra’s work at IBA has expanded. For the last 8 years, Mayra has served as IBA’s Chief Operating Officer. Through overseeing IBA’s Property Management, Real Estate Development, and Asset Management functions, as well as providing guidance to IBA senior staff and employees, Mayra has established herself as an expert in the fields of real estate development and finance.
“I’m ready and excited to embrace this appointment to the BIDFA Board of Directors and support the capital needs of our businesses and nonprofits, to provide an equitable recovery across each neighborhood in our city,” said Mayra I. Negrón-Roche.

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