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Back Bay Resident Expresses Deep Concern Over Potential Closing of Dartmouth Street

Dear Editor,

As a longtime Back Bay resident who lives near Dartmouth Street and Commonwealth Avenue, I am writing to express my deep concern on the potential closing of Dartmouth Street in front of the Copley library.

There seems to be a concerted push by the City of Boston (BPDA, Transportation, and Public Works) to close the major artery into Back Bay not only from the Pike but also from the South End.

Last year’s test closure increased my commute by 15 minutes just to go a few blocks as the exit ramp from the Pike and Stuart and Berkeley streets were turned into parking lots. In addition , businesses will be adversely affected as customers and employees avoid shopping and working as their travel times will be significantly more difficult.

The BPDA says they interviewed 1,000 people, which I do not believe, since I went during the closure looking for their ambassadors and could never find one to give my input.

In addition, a permanent closure would greatly reduce emergency/fire/police response times.  During last year’s closure, I contacted the D-4 police who are also against the permanent closure for this exact reason. 

I do not know of one neighbor who is for this or was contacted for their input.  I reiterate that this is a neighborhood and the City management have strongly indicated that they have made up their minds without the input of a majority of the residents. 

First and foremost, this is where we live and pay very high taxes. The residents and businesses should have a vote instead of being dictated by City Hall decree. What is even more concerning is the lack of response by our City Councilor, Kenzie Bok, who will not even reply to multiple requests for her position on this issue.

Phil Dubuque

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