Bay Village Historic District Commission to Meet Nov. 14

Special to the Sun

The Bay Village Historic District Commission will hold a virtual public hearing on November 14, 2023 at 4:00 p.m. on Zoom.

Attention: This meeting will only be held virtually and not in person. You can participate in the meeting by going to https://zoom.Us/j/93374938340 or calling 301-715-8592 and enter meeting id 933 7493 8340 #. You can also submit written comments or questions to [email protected].

The following is the agenda.

I. Design review

23.1012 Bv 18 winchester street: continued from 10-10-2023

Applicant: Yan Schechter

Proposed work: at roof repair existing headhouse, and install deck and hvac equipment.

II. Status of revised regulatory standards

III. Ratification of 10/10/2023 public hearing minutes

IV. Staff updates

V. Projected adjournment: 4:30 pm

Bay Village Historic District Commission

Anne Kilguss, Ruth Knopf, Three Vacancies

Alternates: Thomas Hotaling, Kathleen Mcdermott, Stephen Dunwell

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