Democratic Leaders Need To Tell Biden To Step Aside

It has become increasingly obvious that President Joe Biden is spiraling faster-and-faster downhill, both physically and mentally.

He can barely string together two sentences — not even from a teleprompter — and if he answers questions off-the-cuff (which he seldomly does because he has held fewer press conferences than any president in modern history, and when he has held press conferences, he answers questions that have been pre-submitted on index cards), he invariably will commit a major gaffe.

His advisors tell us that in meetings, he’s as sharp as ever. But if that’s true, then (as Jon Stewart suggested) why not show us a video of one of those meetings so we all can see him in action, so to speak?

Let’s be clear where we stand: Joe Biden has been a great president and his administration has accomplished more legislation that will benefit Americans than any since Lyndon Johnson’s in the 1960s.

But as much as Biden deserves credit for his landmark achievements, the only thing that matters is the future. No politician deserves re-election based solely on what they’ve done in the past. Our elected public officials are public servants — not the other way around — and candidates have to be judged based on what they can do if re-elected.

The view of a majority of voters, including Democrats, is that Joe Biden is a stumbling and bumbling old man. His rapid descent into old-age before our eyes is evidence of the truth of the maxim, “Time and tide wait for no man.”

However, despite Biden’s low poll numbers, no Democratic leader has had the courage to come forward to tell Biden that he should step aside. In our view, the Democrats’ failure to acknowledge the reality that the whole world can see eventually will be shown to represent a serious miscalculation that threatens not only the future of democracy in this country, but throughout the entire free world.

If Biden were to step aside (as LBJ did in March of 1968)  it would energize the Democrats and the country. Yes, it might be a bit messy, but the end result would be a younger and more vigorous candidate, such as Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo, for example, with a vice-presidential candidate such as Maryland Governor Wes Moore (or vice-versa) in whom the American public  would feel proud and confident in tackling the challenges facing the world today.

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